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    If you are on this page there is a chance that you have felt lost and alone, confused and hurting. Like a ship lost at sea, you are searching for some hope, an end to your pain. A famous writer once wrote: “We live in a world at war. I am referring not only to wars between countries but also between former friends, siblings, spouses, parents, and children. Conflicts between countries are perhaps more dramatic, but the hot and cold wars that fester in the hearts of family members, neighbors, and friends bring more pain and suffering to this earth in a single day than have all the world’s weapons” (Ferrell, 2008).

    At Beacon Family Therapy & Wellness Services we understand this pain. We understand these hot and cold wars and are here to provide a guiding light through the darkness. Relationships are hard. They certainly, at times, can be discouraging. If you are like others, despite making multiple attempts to change you find yourself falling back into destructive cycles that leaves you and others in your family feeling disconnected and alone.

    The inability to move past these common cycles often result in couples and families making some dangerous assumptions like we cannot change, our relationship is doomed, or my partner doesn’t love me. These moments can be perilous times and can take couples to the brink.

    While many types of therapy exist, working with couples and families is a specialty. It requires learning how to work with the needs of more than one person simultaneously and to understand the patterns that are driving these interactions. While this ability is critical to helping couples and families improve, many mental health providers did not receive this specialized training during their coursework. This would be like having your broken leg reset by a doctor who missed their class on orthopedics (Doherty, 2002). Our mission is to provide high quality, evidenced-based, systems therapy. We know that the challenges you face do not occur in a vacuum. We also know that they impact not only you but the loved ones in your life and vice versa.

    As a result, we have made a commitment to provide therapy that helps highlight these patterns and help improve the situation, whether you are coming for individual therapy, as a couple, or for the entire family. Most people, according to research, wait for approximately 2-3 years to seek professional help. During this time, these patterns often get entrenched and harder to change. Please don’t wait to make your life and relationships better. Like a beacon, we are here to help guide you through these stormy interactions and avoid the dangerous places they lead. Please give us an opportunity to enlighten your path.

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